Research projects

  • Assessment of the risk management strategies in Romanian companies. Policy recommandations for increasing competitiveness in light of post-accession 

                           Director PhD Prof. Costea Munteanu (period: 01 October 2007 - 01 October 2007)


  • Developing interdisciplinary academic research to increase competitiveness of universities in Romania at the international level 

                          Director PhD Univ. Prof. Zaharia Rodica (period: 16 September 2007 - 16 June 2009)


  • Waste management. Diagnosis analysis of the evolution of construction and demolition waste in the urban area in context of Romania’s post-accession to EU 

                         Director PhD Univ. Prof. Dragan Gabriela (period: 14 September 2007 - 14 September 2010)

  • Modeling the economic behavior observed based on experiment through the complexity science method. Case study BVB

                       Director PhD Assist. Prof. Lupu Radu (period: 01 October 2007 - 01 October 2010)

  • Development of a rating system to assess public offering of securities on the emerging capital markets of Southeastern Europe 

                      Director PhD Univ. Prof. Miclaus Paul (period: 01 October 2007 - 01 October 2010)

  • Assessment of Romania’s capacity to connect to creative economy. The potential of creative industries to stimulate the national economic competitiveness in the post-accession process  

                     Director PhD Assist. Prof Bobirca Ana (period: 01 May 2009 - 01 May 2011)


  • Changes in the competitive behavior of the economic and institutional actors in the European business environment integration context

                    Director PhD Univ. Prof. Miron Dumitru (period: 01 May 2009 - 01 May 2011)

  • Study on the establishment and capitalization of competitive advantages of the Romanian companies with foreign trade activity in order to maximize the benefits of accession

                   Director PhD Univ. Prof. Popa Ioan (period: 01 September 2008 - 01 September 2011)

  • Integrated database system on the activity of leather and footwear industry with emphasis on the indicators according to NACE 

                  Director PhD Univ. Prof. Rujan Ovidiu (period: 25 September 2008 - 25 September 2011)

  • Modeling the capital market and currency market interaction.  The implications for financial stability on emergent markets 

                 Director PhD Univ. Prof. Horobet Alexandra (period: 01 January 2009 - 31 October 2011)


  • Measuring risk aversion of investors on the Romanian capital market 

                Director PhD Assist. Prof Cristian Păun (period: 01. September 2007 – 01 October 2009)

  • Study on the assessment of the current situation of the services sector in Romania in order to identify investment opportunities 

               Director PhD Assist. Prof Ana Bobirca (period: 01 May 2009 - 01 December 2011)

  • Measuring the effect of contagion of financial crises for countries in Central and Eastern Europe 

               Director PhD Assist. Prof. Cristian Păun (period: 01 October 2010 – 01 October 2013)

  • Correlating the biunique influences of “stakeholders” with the impact of social responsibility instruments to develop a conceptual model of creating synergy at company level 

              Director PhD Univ. Prof. Rodica Zaharia (period: 01 October 2009 – 01 October 2012)

  • Developing a model for assessing and improving the capacity of eco-innovation of SMEs in Romania, in order to ensure their sustainable performance, in line with the EU requirements

              Director PhD Assist. Prof. Dorel Paraschiv (period: 01 October 2010 – 01 October 2013)

  •  Post-accession strategy for capitalization of competitive advantages of the Romanian companies by means of direct foreign investment 

             Director PhD Univ. Prof. Maria Mureşan (period: 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2010)


  • The integration process of Romania into the European economy. Historical and contemporary dimensions 

             Director PhD Univ. Prof. Maria Mureşan (period: 01 October 2007 – 01 October 2008)