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Author’s Guidelines


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Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures should preferably be edited by the author/s. Should Tables and Figures require to be inserted as pictures, the quality of the image should be good. All tables and figures should have the source of the data indicated. The placement of the Tables and Figures in the text should be indicated only, and all the Figures and Tables should be placed at the end of the manuscript for formatting purposes.


Working Papers submitted to CCREI should not have more than 4000w (excluding the bibliography)


APA style—can be downloaded via Google Scholar, or manually edited according to the manual 

Recommended Structure

  • Abstract (150-200w covering (1) the topic of the paper, (2) the main assertion/s it makes, (3) findings or implications)
  • 3-5 Keywords
  • Introduction  (describing the context in which the topic of the paper becomes relevant, and the main points of the paper)
  • Lit Review (and Methods). If it is a theoretical paper, than this section will focus on engaging with the existent strings in the literature of the topic under consideration. If it has an empirical contribution as well then this section will also comprise the methodology of selecting the data (e.g. quantitative analysis—descriptive statistics, regression, or qualitative analysis—semi-structured interviews, process tracing, small n comparison of selected case studies)
  • Results and Interpretation (for papers that comprise both a theoretical and empirical contribution)
  • Implications and Recommendations (more extensive for theoretically focused papers)

  • Conclusions

Articolele care urmeaza sa fie publicate in seria noastra vor fi trimise la aceasta adresa: (Managing Editor: C. Păun)